2021 spring semester

Arhcaeology of Ethnogenesis FLAJ.01.150 3ECTS

Lecturers: Valter Lang, Aivar Kriiska, Karl Pajusalu, Richard Villems, Kristiina Tambets, Heiki Valk, Lehti Saag, Mari Tõrv

This course is part of the scientific work conducted by the Collegium for Transdisciplinary Studies in Archaeology, Genetics and Linguistics, University of Tartu. This course intends to give an overview of theoretical frameworks, main sources, methods, key concepts, essential case studies and relevant critiques in ethnogenetic studies. In addition to the introduction of previous theories, the main focus is on new approaches to the studies of both Finno-Ugric and Indo-European ethnic history. Guest lecturers are invited to cover specific topics.